What first got you into music?



At what point did you decide that you wanted to pursue a career in the music industry?



  How do you go about writing  song or piece?







What other activities besides music, do you enjoy doing in your spare time?





If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be? And why? 


What is the most useless talent you have? 


How would you describe the music you create? As in what genre? 


 Which famous artist/performers do you admire? 



How do you think C19 has impacted the music industry? 



If you woke up tomorrow without any musical ability whatsoever what would you do? How would you react?

Well a lot of things really. I took up the violin at eight, was never very good at it though. I also played piano intermittently during that time and then I went on to do stage school for a couple of years.

It was roughly around three years ago when I began to idealize the idea of being a music professional. However, in reality I didn't really consider it to be a viable career path up until a year ago as it is a quite difficult thing to do. But as time went on I just couldn't possibly imagine myself doing anything else.         

That's kind of tricky to answer. Sometimes I wake up at 3am with a melody going though my head other times it's simply just I'm messing on the piano or guitar and start hearing a string of notes that I think would sound good and start to build from there. Another thing that I heavily depend on for my song writing process would be the voice notes app on my phone. I think I have over 2000 audio recordings on there at this point of me mostly just making indiscernible noises and sounds. But I mean whatever works.

I've always loved art, as in sketching and painting etc. I was actually planning on going into graphic design before music became such a big part of my life. But I also have a huge soft spot for languages, several of which I study in my spare time. I'm a fluent speaker of German and hopefully will be the same in Spanish, French and Japanese in the future. Oh and I love film. I'm absolutely obsessed with movie screenplays and directors.

Paul McCartney, hands down. That man is one of the best songwriters to have ever lived. And I'm also a die hard Beatles fan so that's an added bonus.

The most useless talent, god I don't know. Probably how I'm double jointed in my thumbs. Like all it is, is that I can bend them all the way back to my wrists. 

I don't really stick to one specific genre really. Sometimes it's rock other times it's more jazzy, but for the most part I guess you could say it's kind of an alternative pop style.

So, so, so, many. It would be really difficult to try and name them all. But the first ones coming to mind at the moment are The Beatles, Cathy Davey, Joji, Frederíc Chopin, Lana del rey, Adele, Hendrix, among countless others.

It has caused catastrophe for the majority of musicians really, especially when you factor in that most of which's main source of income stems from live performances. 


Waking up without musical ability would be devastating. But if that unfortunately was indeed the case, I guess my focus would turn to my other interests being art, film or languages. So even though I'd be heartbroken I would still have other outlets to keep me busy that I thoroughly enjoy doing.