Michael O'Grady

Drums and Percussion

Michael, hailing from Co. Clare in the west of Ireland. HIs taste is primarily made up of metal and heavier rock, taking inspiration from Architects, Rage Against The Machine, While She Sleeps and Polaris. His other style influences include: The 1975, Death Grips, James Bay and rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, Tupac and the notorious B.I.G.

jaco Pastor


Jaco aged 18, grew up in Tallaght, ('unfortunately' his own words). He began his journey into music upon taking up the Bass guitar at 14 after discovering a jazz record, namely Jaco Pastorious' 'Self Titled' album. From that moment on, Jaco fell in love with the instrument and everything about jazz. Some of his other big inspirations include the session musicians; Carole Kay and Tony Levin. Another influence of Jaco's would be Mick Karn. who encouraged Jaco to pick up the fretless bass in 2022. Jaco has gone on to incooperate Karn's virtuosic technique and unique sound into his own style of playing.

Pawel Habrajski


Pawel is a Polish born guitarist who from a young age loved the idea of becoming a live performance artist. Brought up in Dublin 15, he was exposed to a vast number of musical genres which have influenced his unique and laid back playing style.

Niall Dowling

Piano and guitar

Niall originally from Essex, England is inspired by a vast number of different styles and genre's of music. Jazz  artists such as Duke Ellington especially. His style of playing is heavily R'n'B influenced with a bluesy undertone.